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What’s Your Burning Question?

May 21, 2010 by Jeanne Vandermeer  
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So now you’ve explored my website/blog a little bit, what would be your most burning question for me to answer about HANDWRITING?  There are many questions I received over the years, here are a few:

1)  My handwriting changes every day, what does that mean?

2) Can you analyze kid’s writing?

3) What does handwriting REALLY show?

4) Can you tell if my husband is cheating on me?

5)  What does it mean if…..(insert stroke formation questions) example:  if I loop my small ‘y’ really, really big? 

6)  Can you analyze printing?  Or drawings?

7)  What’s the most interesting case you handled with the FBI?

Come on, I know you have a burning question, and I can answer it for you, just ask me!  I’ll do my best to give you the most eerily accurate answer to your burning question!  Guaranteed!

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