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Sympathy and Kindness

March 12, 2010 by Jeanne Vandermeer  
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What we give, we get, as the old saying goes.  When was the last time you lent a hand, or gave someone a shoulder to cry on?  We all need each other, especially in times like these.  Let your light shine on someone’s life today.  Call up an old friend and find out what’s new, or get back in touch with someone who made a difference in your life; invite your sister or best friend to lunch.  You’ll be surprise how good it makes you feel, and you’ll never guess the impact it has on someone else to know you’re thinking of them. My family lives all over the country and I rarely get to see them.  My sisters live in the four corners of this country; my mother lives out in Lake Havasu City, AZ which is very difficult to get to.  I make the trips, once or twice a year, to see them.  They’re all so busy with their lives and I am with mine, but I make the time.  You can too.  All too soon the years fly by and you’ll wish you had connected more often.  Try it, even if it’s just a phone call. We have to stay connected in order to feel connected to our own life.  Sympathy is a gift you give when someone is having a difficult or devastating time; kindness is a gift with no expectations in return. But the rewards you feel in your heart can make your day.

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