Sunday, January 21, 2018

Setting Positive Boundaries

Boundaries help us stay true to ourselves and create personal privacy, balance and respect. Being aware of our own boundaries helps us to know and understand other people’s boundaries and to respectfully honor them.

People who do not have boundaries often exhibit bad behavior such as; coming into our personal space uninvited, asking inappropriate questions, taking things without permission and speaking about our personal business to others without permission. If this happens to you regularly, then it is time to check in with your own boundaries and see if they need some adjusting. What messages are you giving to others? You may be thinking one way but projecting a different message with your words or behavior.

Setting a boundary can be as simple as saying no. It also is having a firm idea of our own personal space, respecting ourselves and clearly communicating our intentions and boundaries to others. This can be stated out loud, energetically and using body language. On an energetic level if we do not have strong boundaries we can attract people to us that can tap into our energy, drain us and bring with them bizarre and erratic behavior. Ever been in a grocery store and wonder why all the odd people come up to you and start a conversation? These folks can make you feel like a “crazy” magnet. This is a sign to check your energetic boundaries. Be aware of how open your energy field is and pull it in if necessary. Setting positive boundaries is an act of self empowerment.

It allows us to be in personal relationships, enjoy intimacy and be a good friend. When we are comfortable with how we own our personal space, information and energy, we are comfortable sharing them with others knowing they will be respected and that we are safe.

For Today : I will be aware of my boundaries. I will also pay attention to other people and their boundaries. If someone is not respecting one of my boundaries I will take loving action to enforce my boundary. I will also look at my behavior and see if I am sending the wrong message through my actions. If I am, I change my behavior to honor my truth and my boundary.

Thank you to Lisa Joiner; a regular contributor to Maria Shaw’s StarScopes Newsletter!

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