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There is an easier way to live

May 29, 2010 by Jeanne Vandermeer  
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Have you wondered why your life is not moving in the direction you want?  Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily life we forget to look at what’s really important each day, each minute, and in each task we do.  Life seems to come at us at warp speed and there is no time for ourselves. 

There is an easier way to live!  Identifying the factors that make your life what it is will help you decide. It is crucial to changing your focus.  What we focus on, we get.  When you focus on busy tasks and ‘to do’ lists,  you get more of the same. 

It’s time to take inventory of your life’s lessons so you can move on from the past and create a future that truly reflects who you are. Today, why don’t you focus on the things you want most in your life?  Take 15 minutes to sit and reflect on those things that are most important to you.  It could be a new career, a new relationship, a new hobby, or a new place to live.  It might even be more time for yourself!

What are your life lessons to date?  In particular, what are the lessons you’ve been denying, resisting or hiding from?  Some simple solutions to achieving the life you design and enjoy are within your reach.

1)  Say NO when you want to say NO.  Don’t let others dictate what you will or won’t do.  When you reach inside and decide to live for yourself, you win and you start living your own authentic life. 

2)  Stand up for yourself.  Hiding behind your job, your spouse or your children will not get you where you want to go.  It will get you where they want you to go.  Bring yourself to a more balanced life by thinking, acting and doing what reflects your inner feelings.

3)  Protect yourself.  Just because you want the best for others does not mean they want the best for you.  Put yourself in a place mentally and emotionally where you are doing the best for you.  What do you need to do to protect yourself in this relationship, this job, this situation?  Establish a new boundary that’s healthy this week so you can see what it feels like to be safe and secure.

4)  No one is coming to save you.  Too often we look outside ourselves for others to take care of our needs, or the things we don’t want to take care of ourselves.  Like paying our bills, eliminate our pain or take away our loneliness.  We then suffer the consequences of disappointment and not allowing ourselves to be who we can be.  If you think someone is coming to save you, think again.  Save yourself.

The action steps above will begin to support you and lead you to a life more fulfilling, making a place for a new future and a sense of accomplishment, peace of mind and excitement!

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